A Giant Tube of LEDs Can Turn Anyone Into a Glowing Graffiti Artist

Light painting is rad: a long exposure, a dark background, and a flashlight all come together to make an eerie, sci-fi effect. High-tech, LED-powered light painting is even cooler, but so far it’s been a fringe hobby for die-hard DIYers. Pixelstick, with a newly-launched Kickstarter campaign, wants to put crazy nighttime picture and GIF-making powers into anyone’s hands.

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More Obamacare Misdirection From GOP

Foes of Obamacare are excitedly citing a rash of new stories claiming untold Americans are “losing” their insurance, as CBS News’ Norah O’Donnell puts it. One of them is this NBC News story, which reports that “millions of Americans are getting or are about to get cancellation letters for their health insurance under Obamacare, say experts, and the Obama administration has known that for at least three years.”

Source: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/2013/10/29/more_obamacare_misdirection_from_gop_318837.html
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ARM delivers first 16-core Mali GPU design

ARM has released designs for two new Mali GPU cores, including a 16-core part that should help bring higher-end capabilities like video-editing and gesture control to smartphones and tablets.

The high-end chip, called the Mali-T760, is ARM’s most powerful GPU to date and will be aimed at devices priced at around US$350 and above, ARM said Tuesday.

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The processor design doubles the core count over its predecessor but is more energy efficient, according to ARM, thanks partly to a 50 percent reduction in the amount of bandwidth needed to move data in and out of memory. The upshot should be better graphics without reducing battery life.

ARM also released the lower-end Mali-T720, its first GPU for midrange devices that supports version 3.0 of the OpenGL ES graphics programming interface.

Version 3.0 is becoming a requirement for Android, and the T720 will allow makers of lower cost devices to use the latest releases of Google’s mobile OS, said Trina Watt, ARM vice president for solutions marketing. Currently, cheaper smartphones and tablets often use older versions of Android.

ARM doesn’t manufacture chips itself; it creates designs that it licenses to other companies. It’s best known for its Cortex CPU designs, used in most smartphones and tablets including Apple’s iPhone and iPads.

It’s less dominant in graphics, where it trails Qualcomm and Imagination Technologies. But ARM’s share of the mobile GPU market is growing and now stands at 18 percent, according to Jon Peddie Research.

Mali chips are used in about half the Android tablets sold today and about a fifth of the smartphones, according to Watt. They’re used in Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 and Google’s Nexus 10, for instance, though most Mali chips find their way into lower-cost products sold in China.

In that sense the T720 may be the more significant of the two products announced, because of its potentially wider reach. Along with the new Open GL standard, it brings graphics compute capabilities to the midrange of the Mali line, allowing devices to perform tasks like facial recognition and stitching photos together into a panorama.

GPUs tend to be more power efficient at those tasks than CPUs, so the T720 should help prolong battery life while freeing up the CPU to do other work.

Other priorities for manufacturers are a small chip size — ARM says the T720 is 30 percent smaller in area than its predecessor — and speed to market.

The extra cores on the higher-end T760 will help to enable features like video editing, gesture recognition and high resolution 4K displays on tablets, Watt said.

“We’re trying to stop people having to open their PCs,” she said.

Most devices probably won’t need all 16 cores today, but some tablet makers are already asking for 12 to 14 cores, said Andy Loats, ARM’s graphics product manager

If the T760 is still on the market by the time chip makers move to a more advanced manufacturing process — which will let them make smaller transistors — 16 cores will be a “no brainer,” he said.

To improve energy efficiency, the T760 introduces a technology called frame buffer compression, which reduces the amount of bandwidth needed to transfer data between different parts of a system on chip.

Each time the GPU has to access memory it consumes power, so compressing the data and reducing its back and forth movement prolongs battery life, Loats said.

The Mali-T760 is based on a new ARM GPU core called Skrymir, named after a giant in Norse mythology. ARM entered the GPU market when it bought the Norwegian chip firm Falanx, hence the Nordic theme.

The cores are both available for licensing now, Watt said. It used to take around 18 months for new designs to find their way into finished products, but Watt said competitive pressure on device makers is shortening that time to less than a year in some cases.

James Niccolai covers data centers and general technology news for IDG News Service. Follow James on Twitter at @jniccolai. James’s e-mail address is james_niccolai@idg.com.

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Yeezus Cometh

The TV Guide

After my early morning race yesterday I spent the rest of the day in relaxation mode. I got a lot of reading done and I’m a bit sad that I’m nearing the end of the book that I’m currently reading. But, my reading list is long and I have quite a few books already lined up for reading next. I don’t think I’ll be getting much reading done tonight, tho, because I’ll be making my way to the Staples Center in downtown LA to see Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar in concert on West‘s Yeezus Tour. I’ve been staying away from tour spoilers (well, except for the Jesus thing) but from what I’ve inadvertently gathered, the show is really not to be missed.

I’ve seen Kanye West live a few times. From intimate, small club shows where he performed for party guests to his last major tour Watch the Throne with Jay Z. I’ve never seen one of his big budget solo shows so I’m really looking forward to tonight’s concert. He played a show at the Staples Center on Saturday night but I was otherwise occupied at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Tonight’s the night! I fell in love with Kendrick Lamar‘s live show when I saw him at Lollapalooza in August so I’ll deffo be getting to the Staples Center early enough to catch his opening set, too.

It’s a new week, the last days of October are quickly flying away. I hope you are having a great Monday and will enjoy a great week and Hallowe’en holiday head.

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Preparing For The Big One, Whisper Campaigns, ‘Frankenstein’

Cars lie smashed by the collapsed Interstate 5 connector a few hours after the Northridge earthquake on Jan. 17, 1994, in California.

AFP/Getty Images

Cars lie smashed by the collapsed Interstate 5 connector a few hours after the Northridge earthquake on Jan. 17, 1994, in California.

AFP/Getty Images

In this weekend’s podcast of All Things Considered, host Arun Rath explores the power of Hollywood whisper campaigns, learns what some people are doing to prepare for “the big one,” and talks to first time composer Alexander Ebert.

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Tom Hardy to play Elton John in biopic

NEW YORK (AP) — Tom Hardy will play Elton John in a biopic titled “Rocketman.”

Focus Features announced Hardy’s casting as the iconic piano man on Wednesday. The film is planned to begin shooting late next year.

The 36-year-old British actor is well respected for his wide-ranging talent, but his brawny, tattooed frame makes him an unconventional choice. Hardy is most famous for playing the terrorist Bane in “The Dark Knight Rises.” He has showcased a muscled masculinity in films like “Warrior,” ”Lawless” and “Bronson.”

“Rocketman” is being made with the cooperation of the 66-year-old John, who’s an executive producer on the film.

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/tom-hardy-play-elton-john-biopic-204132295.html
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Burton Presents RESORT [Snowboarding]: Park Riding at its Biggest

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Burton Snowboards presents the final installment of their [Snowboarding] series, featuring Resort riding. Give the Burton team a perfectly crafted park and you’re guarunteed to see some awe inspiring, down right unbelievable snowboarding. You probably won’t see these features at your local resort, but they’re pretty standard to Mark McMorris, Danny Davis, Peetu Piiroinen, Jack Mitrani, Christian Haller, Werni Stock, Roope Tonteri, Marko Grilc, Ben Ferguson, Gabe Ferguson, Redmond Gerard, and the rest of the crew. 


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